Ariba Product Family Comparison with Traditional SAP SCM Solutions

What is Ariba?

SAP Ariba is a cloud based innovative B2B solution that permits suppliers and buyers to attach and do business on one platform. SAP Ariba digital platform provides Ariba Network which meets millions of suppliers with buyers based on business needs and managing supply chain.

Solutions from Ariba Family:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Procurement
  • Spend Analysis
  • Supplier Management
  • Buying
  • Contracts
  • Financial Supply Chain

SAP Ariba functionalities are shown below screen;

Ariba offers services which are contract management, spend analysis, supply chain collaboration, sourcing, procurement and end to end portfolio digitally. Ariba has some of intersections with traditional SAP products.

Ariba Procurement functionality Vs SAP SRM;

Transform SRM is a Digital Business Services program designed to provide targeted support to customers for their transition to the cloud, namely SAP Ariba. SAP Customers will find some functions which are familiar with from SAP SRM.

Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance functionality Vs SAP Supply Lifecycle Management (SLM);

What is SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance?

SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance offers comprehensive tools to manage suppliers effectively. The solution reduces to risk and chaos of supplier management. SAP Ariba provides to manage supplier data in one place.

What is SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM)?

SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLC) offers a standardized framework for start-to end visualization of the whole operation. You should regularly take steps to select and grow suppliers, thus maximizing the supplier base and reducing supply risks.

SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle Management;

Ariba is the new procurement tool where SAP consolidated both indirect and direct procurement muscles. It’s a good functionality which can be purchased based on global standards.

SAP Ariba is releasing new and enhanced functions each quarter thereby it provides agile business management and relationships and increases transparency.

The comparisons which I conducted for both SAP SRM and SLM sub processes with SAP Ariba shows new added functionalities, enhanced improvements and digitalization provided by Ariba. These Traditional solutions touch to supply chain processes and management; however, SAP Ariba ensures finding potential suppliers, speed up business sales cycle, improvement customer/supplier loyalty, real time accessing with ad hoc retrieval of documents, end-to-end transparency and reduction in administrative costs (mail handling, postage, print etc.). In additionally, SAP Ariba takes over a digital marketplace functions and connects over 3 million business partners under favors of Ariba Network which is an online platform.


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