How to guide for Standard Branding

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I would like to share the branding function’s “how to guide” which is served in SAP SNC. Branding Functions is came out with 7.01 as a standard service. Before this version you need to make much more complex action by extending of standard webUI.

I have decided to share this post due to limited information in SAP Help.

SAP Help Link: Branding the SAP SNC Web UI – User Interface for SAP SNC – SAP Library

Firstly you need to ensure that Business Function (SCM_SNC_GEN_1) is activated.

Transaction: SFW5

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If your system administrator gives you less authorizations then you should request for the below screen ID authorizations:

Authorization Object: C_ICH_USER

Field Name: /SCA/SCRID


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Before going forward you must assign your Business Partner to the relevant “Organization” Business Partner. After that you need to go to Customer View (SNC_C) in WebUI.

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In the Customer WebUI, kindly right click on the header toolbar and see the “Logo” area in there.

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You can upload the required company logo in here. SAP suggest a logo size of max. 200 KB due to performance aspect.

After uploading the required brand logo, you can use the “Advanced Settings” for the placement of the logo:

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As a last step, you need to make the required customizing at the below menu path:

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You need assign the logo of your organization to be viewed by all the screens:

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If you need different logo assigments for specific BPs then this is the place to do it.

Now you are able to view/modify the company logo and place it on the required area in Web screens.

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