How to reset the password for SAP Cloud Connector

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I want to talk about how to reset the SAP Cloud Connector password that I forgot a while ago. As you know, after installing SAP Cloud Connector on the computer, the user is set to ‘Administrator‘ and password ‘manage‘. If you change the password and forget it, you need to install Cloud Connector again on the computer to reset the encryption in ‘manage’. In this case, however, all connections in the Cloud Connector will be deleted and you will have to re-establish connections.

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I want to share with you step by step how to reset the password of the cloud connector without having to delete Cloud Connector from the computer.

Firstly, Stop the SCC from the Windows Service.

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Next step, Open the configtomcat-server.xml and search for the element <Realm>. If it consists of a single line with digest=”SHA1“, you need a SHA1 hash, if it has multiple lines and one of these has digest=”SHA-256“, you need a SHA-256 hash.

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Next open the configusers.xml in a text editor and look for the line with username=”Administrator”. If the SCC is using SHA1, set the password field like this:
If the SCC is using SHA-256, set the password field like this:

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Save the users.xml and start the SCC again.

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Open the Cloud Connector again and try to enter user = Administrator and password = manage. You can see all your old connections on the screen that pops up.

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