Purging Key Figures with Copy Operator on SAP IBP

What is SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)?

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) represents a cloud-based solution for inventory and demand planning in the entire supply chain based on SAP HANA. It combines classic planning and forecasting functions with modern machine learning heuristics for time series and business object analysis. Allows you to immediately respond to market developments that challenge your supply chain and meet demand in the most cost-effective manner.

SAP IBP features five modules: SAP IBP for Sales and Operations, SAP IBP for Demand, SAP IBP for Inventory, SAP IBP for Response and Supply and the Supply Chain Control Tower. All components can be applied independently or in combination.

What is Copy Operator? 

The copy operator (COPY) is mainly used to copy the calculated or stored value from the key value to the key value stored in the same version plan area (basic or other). In addition, you can create missing time periods for target key indicators and then assign them a null value. It can also be used to delete key figure values.

If the copy operator applies to the version key figure, both the source key figure and the destination key figure must be added to the version.

The key figure can only be copied if the source key figure can be calculated at the basic plan level of the target key figure. The copy operator calculates the value of the source key indicator at the base plan level of the target key indicator for all possible combinations and updates the value of the target key indicator. Calculate the value based on the calculation settings.

In this article, I will tell you how to clear with the copy operator and why we need it.

Why did we need this?

When we wanted to purge the key figures on “Application Jobs”, we were selecting the planning level of the key figure that we would purge, and then purge it. However, when there is more than one key figure in the selected planning level, these key figures were purged. We need to keep some key figures in the system continuously without purifying them. For this reason, we had to do something to purge only one key figure. We met this need by using “Copy Operator Profiles”.

Now I will explain practically how we can purge only one key figure step by step.

First of all, we login to the “Copy Operator Profiles” application in the web interface.

After entering this field, we click on the “Create” option and then select the “Copy Withing Planning Area” option.

After you have done the above, the page you see below should be opened.

After filling the mandatory fields such as “ID, Name, Planning Area” on this page, you leave the other options as default on the screen.

In this area at the bottom of the page, we click on the “Create” option to select the key figure.

After doing the above procedure will you meet the following page.

On this page, we leave the “Source Key Figure” option blank and select the key figure we want to purge from the “Target Key Figure” field.

Then we leave the other fields blank and mark the “Clear Values” option in the “Settings” section.

After doing this, we click “Apply” from the bottom right and create our copy operator.

After creating our copy operator, we will go to the “Application Jobs” application to run it. Later, we will be running the profile we created here.

After entering the Application Jobs application, you can run the steps as follows, after checking.

After the study is finished, the key figure data you have selected will be purge from the system.


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