What is RISE with SAP?

Rise with SAP is a comprehensive set of software, transformation services, technology infrastructure and tools specifically designed to help businesses accelerate and simplify the transition from their existing ERP or previous versions of SAP to SAP S/4HANA in the cloud.

This program helps customers further digitize their business processes and use data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies. It is also designed to better manage business processes, provide flexibility and reduce costs.

What Does RISE with SAP Include?

Right to Use SAP S/4HANA Cloud Software Modules

Technology Tools Required for Transition to SAP S/4HANA

  • Readiness Check programme
  • Analysis of Special Developed Codes (ABAP etc.)
  • Right to use SAP Learning Hub

SAP Business Process Intelligence Discovery Service

The service of creating a customized recommendations report that identifies improvements that can be made in business processes.

SAP Business Technology Platform Usage Right

  • SAP Build software development platform
  • Data management and business intelligence platform
  • Advanced planning and analysis
  • Integration platform
  • Artificial Intelligence platform

SAP Business Network (Starter Pack)

  • Ariba Business Network
  • Asset Intelligence Network
  • Logistics Business Network

Hosting Infrastructure Service

Who Can Use RISE with SAP?

Rise with SAP is suitable for many organizations of different sizes and industries. The program targets a variety of organizations that want to digitize their business processes, make them data-driven and make their business more efficient. Here are some examples of the types of organizations for which Rise with SAP is suitable:


Medium and Large


Various Industries


Existing SAP




Every Business Looking to Digitize Business Processes

Medium and Large Enterprises: Medium and large enterprises, especially those with complex business processes, can benefit from the Rise with SAP program. The program is suitable for such businesses that want to optimize their business processes and use data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies.

Various Industries: Rise with SAP is suitable for organizations in different industries. Businesses in manufacturing, retail, automotive, finance, healthcare, energy and many other industries can use this program.

Existing SAP Users: Especially for existing SAP customers, Rise with SAP can be useful to accelerate their transition to SAP S/4HANA and realize digital transformation if they are using SAP ERP systems or legacy SAP solutions.

International Businesses: Rise with SAP is suitable for businesses that operate internationally and have operations in different geographies. The program provides support for such businesses that want to keep their business processes under centralized management and better adapt to international markets.

Every Business Looking to Digitize Business Processes: Rise with SAP can be suitable for any business that wants to digitize its business processes, make more data-driven decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

Advantages of RISE with SAP

Rise with SAP is a service designed to accelerate and simplify the digital transformation journey of businesses and has many different advantages:

RiseWithSAP Advantages  en

Provides a complete solution with a single contract: Business processes, technology and industry-specific services in a single subscription. This enables businesses to manage their processes, tools and services under one roof.

Simplifies migration to the cloud: Provides businesses with the opportunity to move their existing ERP systems to the cloud and take advantage of cloud benefits. In this way, businesses adopt innovations faster and digitize their business processes.

Offers a personalized roadmap: The needs of every business are different. Rise with SAP offers a customized roadmap according to the unique needs and goals of each business.

Supports continuous innovation: Rise with SAP subscriptions ensure that businesses automatically receive the latest technological innovations and enhancements from SAP. This ensures that business processes are constantly up to date, improved and operational efficiency is increased.

High levels of security and compliance: Cloud-based solutions typically offer a high level of security standards and regulatory compliance. Rise with SAP enables businesses to operate securely and in compliance with regulations while increasing their capabilities.

Reduces cost and increases economic efficiency: It helps businesses digitize their business processes while increasing business efficiency and reducing overall operating costs.

3 Key Features of RISE with SAP

Single Package & Comprehensive Service

  • With a single contract, you can streamline supplier management with a variety of offerings. You can easily integrate integrated and comprehensive solutions that support both SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Business Technology Platform into the same package. In this way, you have the opportunity to benefit from the entire SAP business ecosystem consisting of supplier, logistics and business intelligence networks thanks to this package, which serves with the world’s largest business network.
  • In addition to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, you can easily include integrated and comprehensive solutions that support the SAP Business Technology Platform.
  • To benefit from the entire SAP business ecosystem, you can take advantage of supplier, logistics and business intelligence networks through the world’s largest business network offered to you as part of the package.


  • You can keep the cost of your initial investment to a minimum.
  • You can save up to 20% on your total cost of ownership.
  • You can work by integrating data, smart technologies and your ERP software on a single platform.
  • By increasing your savings and speed, you can make better decisions. In this way, you can take effective steps to improve your financial situation.

Continuous Support

  • Throughout your transition to S/4HANA Cloud, we are with you for everything you need.
  • We analyze your processes according to global standards and offer tailored recommendations accordingly

Why RISE with SAP?

Strategic Gains

  • Possibility to move system transformation and brownfield migrations to the cloud
  • All application and technical operations can be managed from a single location
  • Protection of previous investments

Technical Gains

  • Access to SAP S/4HANA Extensibility Framework
  • Use of side-by-side and in-app extensions
  • Ability to develop and modify code
  • Expert configuration
  • Scalable platform

Service Outcomes

  • Ability to support 25 different industry and sector processes with the full scope of SAP S/4HANA
  • Availability of various defined plugins
  • Available in 39 different languages with 64 country/region versions
  • SAP consultancy service for cloud migration

RISE with SAP; offers a smart and comprehensive transformation package that fits the needs and business plans of businesses. Offering a simple, flexible and comprehensive solution, this service allows you to determine the most appropriate route to move your business from its starting point or current point faster.

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