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Dear Community,

Yesterday, i was in a discussion with an experienced SAP Consultant from 90’s. We have started the discussion from functionality to visuality where we spend so many hours. It was a discussion of 2 different SAP Consultants who spend their life time in this area to create a difference. Unless the expectations and know-how’s where so similar where i typo this little article.

Firstly i would like to share my personal feelings related to S/4 Hana era of SAP. Its surely very positive where SAP come more close with the end users and IoT requirements. Lets agree on 1 point. This is a German software where functionality comes first then the makeup! You need to produce the body perfect to keep it safe. After that you can buy the most demanding clothes or accessories to show its beautiful side.

This statement was %100 correct which is approved by the world where everyone knows SAP and it extends its limits globally. It was keeping the data, executing algorithms, making reporting as requested and keeping everyone safe without leaving a gap between none of the processes. Yes it was perfect for everyone!

After so many years, versions and EHPs; suddenly people started to feel that SAP was looking like the oldest child at the software environment because of the Internet era. Its sure that people has started to invent so many new products & features which creates psychological bond between users and community. The functionality and process methodology working perfectly fine but most common requirement was missing.

Humanized interaction!

At this point, SAP has discovered the missing part by analzsing the community. In the beginning of the SAP foundation they were trying to uplift the software era to adopt physical world. Now things were much much were different. If they need to keep the SAP world on then they need to adopt the generation difference. This gap can able to cause huge impact in the business where it needs to adopt itself to keep it on track. Of course, this exam was the hardest one because the guy (Steve Jobs) who influenced a generation to keep things simple an beautiful.

This new generation is already influenced with the elegance of the simplicity. SAP’s mission was very complex in order to adopt but the cloud they have, already in love with the complexities. We were in love with problems, questions, hard cases to solve… Cons and pros were at the right side with the right people!

As a result of this equation, SAP created a milestone software solution (S/4 HANA) which is more beautiful, simple and easy to adopt with the ends users. Of course it includes all the known old version functionalities like a honoured legacy.

In addition to this, there were few constraint to keep the things at same direction. Real Time Data Reporting, Easy to Adopt and making something really beautiful.

Me and my team focused on this problem because they have choice an Italian word ( Fiori ) to prove the world that something is really going on in SAP for design thinking movement. I was impressed as a Y generation and continue to do thus its really fantastic compared to world where we coming from…

In summary, i’m feeling blessed with this new era because i see sparkling eyes everywhere in SAP conventions, customer visits and blogs. Everyone started to demand more and more everyday to adopt and make things possible for our SAP cloud.

I would like to use this opportunity, to a say a thank you to old SAP Consultants who invented the old rules without google search, SAP Transformation team who find the gaps by approaching in an interactive way. In last, another big thank yo to Steve Jobs for teaching all the wold that simple things can be elegant!


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