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Digital revolution has transformed our lives and economic behaviours. Nowadays, all major segments, and all corporations of any size that are becoming digital to some crucial degree in all nations. In today’s      ever-changing digital world people need cloud-based best supplier-buyer matching tool, supplier networks, and providing service with high quality products. SAP Ariba Discovery is a B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce solution which is arranged for all buyers. More than 4 million suppilers are in this network, multiple languages and currencies can be used by buyers and suppliers. This network provides a wide range of successful e-commerce experiences and user friendly environment. This service provides posting your buying needs, easy connections to suppliers immediately and also reduces the supply costs without any additional expenses. SAP Ariba Discovery is the worlds largest business network. You can easily search with only three steps:

  • Describe your needs
  • Review proposals
  • Make your selection

Ariba Discovery is a bridge for easy communication and relationship between suppliers and customers. This solution provides finding many different customers and an opportunity for high selling capability to Suppliers. Ariba Discovery provides lots of Suppliers and their own product variaty to Customers. Also these Customers can use to filtering capability as filtering industry, price, country, rating and so on to finding perfect matched.

According to SAP Ariba Discovery offer new updates, Ariba Discovery has more than 5M+ suppliers and day by day suppliers count increases.

With below link, you will be forwarded to Ariba Discovery Web Site directly.

You will have two options to Register as Supplier or Customer via Join Ariba Discovery . If you already have an account, you can choose Login button.

Above Screen is “I’m Buying Home” screen. When you will push “Start Now”, you will go below screen. With this screen you will start to create Post and find suppliers that you use filters as Product & Service Categories and Ship-to or Service Locations. Buyers create Post for their needs which are product or service.

For create posting step, start to choose needs and locations.

You can Browse Product and service categories and also Ship-to or Service Locations.

For example;

Healthcare Service -> Food & Nutrition Services -> Nutrition issues -> Nutritional Rehabilitation Services

Add and press OK.

As you see below, 352 sellers are found for my needs which are Nutritional rehabilition services.

Now I choose location and Service category as I need for my company. In here I have 352 suppliers which are supplying related thes sector and from Istanbul.

Afterwe need to Describe Needs, and press Next to other Section.

Add Details part, gives opportunity to you describe your needs detailed.

You should fill required fields such as Posting Tittle, Opportunity Amount, Description and so on. I can choose supplier which is matched perfectly with my need.

Required fields are filled and pressed Next: Preview button.

In last step, it includes your need details. You can edit My Needs and Details in next step.

When you come to Review Posting part, you must Log in to publish Post with Suppliers as a buyer. If you have already an account, you can Log in directly with your e-mail & password.

Also before create Posting you can go Log in page with “Log In” button.

If you do not have an account you can Register from Log in pop-up or using “Join Ariba Discovery” button as below screen.

Besides if you are selling product or service, you can Register as Supplier. We will mention and explain a detailed breakdown on this in the next blog Post.

Then we will continue Register as Buyer part.

You fill required fields and push Register button.

Enter your user account info:

Enter your basic company info:

Push Register Now button.

Confirmation email is received an you should activate your account with link in email.

User Id is created automatically by SAP Ariba Team.

ANID: AN01604167832

You will see account activation email below.

When you click to link, Account Security screen will open automatically. You should tick terms & privacy statements and Submit.

Email is received after security terms which is approved. This email includes some information and links.

You will go Ariba Discovery Buyer Platform with e-mail link.

As you remember we started to create Posting and in Review step we pressed to Log in button and after that we registered to Ariba Discovery. Now you can Log in with email and password and also you can see Post which is in Review part below.

The posting content is below screen in detail.

After Log in, Preview Sellers, Saved Sellers, Posting, Messages, Ratings, References sections are added in “I’m Buying” header.

  1. Preview sellers:

You can filter suppliers in Preview Sellers. Many different sellers are founded and you can choose based on Product and Service Categories, Ship-to or Service Locations, Average rating, Annual Revenue, Certification such as Green initiatives, Women Owned, Veteran Owned etc.

You can choose and view Supplier profile for each.

For example; S4C Supplier

You can see Supplier’s Country, Business info, Industries, Activity data, Certifications, Subscription such as Silver, Bronze, Gold, etc.

Also you can go Supplier’s Web Site with link which supplier added in profile (Corporate Web Site).

You can contact with supplier with button in profile. You can compase message and send to Supplier, hereby communication will start. In addition to these, you can save the supplier profile with Save button.

Invite to posting;

Another Supplier Profile : D Company

This Supplier is Platinum user in Singapore.

Below supplier is an example for Green Initiatives. This specification presents with this icon  “ ”. You can filter in different initiatives.

2. Saved Sellers:

With Saved Sellers section, you can view supplier profile which you saved.

We created one posting as you see below, you may find above the creation steps. With this section you can create a Posting as well.

3. Posting:

We created one posting as you see below, you may find above the creation steps. With this section you can create a Posting as well.

4. Messages:

With this section, you can see messages which are sent by suppliers safely and easily. Suppliers can send messages for related Posting. As a Buyer may choose supplier with this communication.

5. Ratings:

You can differenciate the suppliers by looking at their star amound (1-5). You can see suppliers which are rated by you.

6. References:

After you accept an invitation to become reference, your comments appear in you supplier’s profile and are visible to all users.

7. References:

You can view Ariba Discovery customers and their comments and sellers story which are shared. In addition, you can share your success story, experiences and submit.

Some buyer stories;

Some seller stories;

If you would like to share your story, you just need to press “Submit Story” button. Then you can write story and Submit. This story will be published in Customers part.

In the next Blog Post, Seller part “I’m Selling” will be considered in detail.


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